A Worn Path Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:52
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Classic English Literature
This is a story about a black old woman called Phoenix Jackson who sets on a long and tough journey to the town from the rural country side to get medicine for his ailing grandson. The story is a vivid description of the challenges she encounters from her home right up to when she arrives at the hospital in town (Welty and Kirszner 62). The book “A Worn Path” presents this story in the third person where Welty is a detached observer but who shares the same sentiments as the main character. The narrative is the basis of all the other analysis and thus is an important book to consider.
The History of Southern Women’s Literature
The History of Southern Women literature by Carolyn Perry and Mary Louise Weaks, presents a broad analysis of literature by women in the south. It reflects on the challenges that were faced by these women at a time when women and Africans were not allowed to attain any form of literacy. There were numerous social pressures in addition to inadequate schooling (Perry and Weaks 150). This presented writers such as Eudora Welty with complex challenges which she tries to expose in her story “A Worn Path”. Eudora Welty asserts that writing involves unraveling a sequence in experience. She says that it unravels the causal relationships and connections in society. She has employed the use of this approach in a her short story, “A Worn Path”. This aids the reader in understanding the story which on a broader view, follows a given sequence of events.
Welty: A life in Literature
Published in 2007, this book presents the personal touch of Welty in her numerous literary works. The intense interview with Welty presents her style in writing enabling the audience to understand her literary works in a more clear and vivid manner. Welty asserts that the she usually approached her stories in a way that she postulates the reality of life of the society she lived in (Devlin 120). “A Worn Path” is a vivid description of what life was for women in the south. The Kind of language used by the main character Phoenix Jackson reveals the level of illiteracy of the women in the south. According to her sentiments in this interview, she uses the character of an old woman trodding a worn and difficult path in an effort to try and bring out difficult and challenging life that the women in the south encountered.
Study World “A Worn Path”
In this article, “A Worn Path”, studyworld.com gives a brief overview of the Welty’s short story. The site gives a chronological analysis of the events in the short story in a manner that a reader would grasp the gist of the story without having to read the story itself. The article also interprets in a very simple language the imagery employed by Welty in her short story (Study world). This is indeed a good read for anyone who has limited time but would want to get the idea behind Welty’s “A Worn Path”.
Understanding Eudora Welty
Michael Kreyling in his book gives a vivid insight of Eudora Welty’s life which aids in understanding Welty’s canon. Most writers reflect the society in which they grow in. they reflect the experiences in those particular societies. Welty is no different. By understanding her life and the kind of society in which she lived in, the audience is able to understand better the themes presented in her literary works including “A Worn Path”. As Kreyling suggests “Understanding the Critical history of Welty’s Canon is almost as important as understanding the works themselves (Kreyling 156).” The book thus aids the reader to understand the perspective from which Welty was writing her short story “A Worn Path”.
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