A Study Of The Relationship Between The Hours Of Television Watched By Children Research Proposal

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:44
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Children watching on television are a learning activity. New ideas and lessons are learned every day. It is of great concern about the effect of this activity on the children's health. Mostly, as the activity is done, the child is involved with minimal physical exercise, yet the food consumption remains constant. The activity can lead to an increase of the calories gained by the child. The impact of this to the child may be obese. This is a body condition in which body mass exceeds body size. An individual is characterized by body fats due to increased body metabolism. It is considered that, the disorder may be caused by genetic but on some extremes, lack of body exercise may contribute to this effect. The previous research reveals that, body exercises help to reduce the accumulation of fats in the body. If we relate the activity with the illness, there is much to be discovered. Despite the activity being educative to our children, the activity can still cause health problems for the children. The study will try to cover the study gap on these two phenomena. It will try to reveal the correlation that exists between the watching activity and obesity disorder.
General Hypothesis
The study generally will determine the correlation that exists between the activity of watching television in terms of hours and the obesity disorder. The correlation direction and magnitude will be discovered at the end of the study.
Literature review
According to Jeffords, 2010, obesity is a body disorder that affects every person of any age. It is not specific in terms of age. In the recent times, the disorder is so prevalent in the younger generation. This due to eat of junk foods rich in fats and carbohydrates which increases the fat concentration in the body. Jeffords, 2010, continues and says that, lack of exercises contributes much of the deposition of these fats on the body skin, a feature common in obese persons. This shows that, lack of activity is one of the main causes of obesity. The study reveals that, about 20 to 30 percent of the United States population are obese. This is an indication that, almost 120 million people in the United States will suffer from obesity in the next five years. It is a normal occasion that, when children are watching television, the most population takes a minimum of 5 hours seated. When the student or child is at school, the most part of the day he spent when he or she is seated. The number of hours spent by the child without any physical activity is more than when in any body exercises.
In most scenarios, children tend to take beverages and snacks when watching. These food products are of high calorie content and can contribute to this condition. Studies reveal that, when energy consumed is more than the energy released, there are high chances of obesity on the individual. Studies also reveal that, there exists a strong correlation between the food intake by a child and body mass of the child. If the body mass exceeds the body size, then the condition is known as obesity.
Chapter 2
The chapter is mainly concerned with the research methodology used to collect the data. The chapter describes the target population or participants, data collection method, procedures and research design.
Target population
The participants in the study will mainly be youths aged between 1 to 18 years of age. They will form the target population.
The study will entail studying the obese children and collecting information relating to the number of hours spent watching television. The time will be crucial since it will help in making of rational decision regarding the topic under study.
Research design
Both descriptive and analytical research will be conducted. The descriptive research will use conceptual frameworks that will be based on detailed information about the topic. Analytical research will be of great importance as it will help in the formulation of conclusion of the research hypothesis. The process involves data analysis and presentation.
Chapter 3.
The chapter entails the use of data collected to evaluate on the statistical description of the research. The appropriate variables that will be used in the study are the number of hours spent watching television by youths and the number of obese children. Specifically, the number of hours forms the independent variable and obesity the dependent variable. In carrying out the statistical tests, the number of coefficients evaluated are two, that is constant and obesity. Thus, the regression equation can be formulated as follows;
Obesity = Function ( number of hours spent watching television by a child)
Since the coefficients are two, the degree of freedom is 2. The degree of freedom is the number of coefficients examined in the model.
Let the null hypothesis be; Obesity is caused by the number of hours spent watching television by a child. An alternative hypothesis is;
Obesity is not caused by the number of hours spent watching television by a child Taking an alpha value of 0.05, meaning that, the significance level is 90 percent in a one tailed test and 95 percent in a one tailed test, then the critical values are 1.96 and 1.64 respectively.
The null hypothesis will be rejected if the value obtained is greater than 1.96 and 1.64 in two tailed and one tailed tests respectively.
Chapter 4.
The chapter entails discussion of the findings of the study, ethical consideration and recommended further research. Let take the assumption that the null hypothesis is accepted. The implication of this is that, obesity is a function of the number of hours spent watching television. This creates an ethical issue that needs to be considered in the society. Obesity has a negative impact on the health of an individual. The number of hours spent by a child watching television should be then be considerably reduced. This will reduce the instances of obese children.
Further research
It is recommended that, a further research should be conducted to reveal other causes of obesity in children other than lack of physical exercise. This will help to reduce the instances of the disorder and will make the society at large have enough information on the causes of disorder
Potential factors in the rise of childhood weight.
Statistical table to be used in the study.
NB. Put a tick where appropriate.
Burniat, W. (2002). Child and Adolescent Obesity: Causes and Consequences, Prevention and Management (illustrated, reprint ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Jeffords, J. M. (2010). Causes of Obesity. 1-19.

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