Remember the Simple Stuff

So I just learned this lesson again. Always check the simple stuff first (like is it plugged in?).

It all started out innocently enough…

Last week a computer was returned from the land of the useful with the simple label, “broken”. We have had some of these units blow capacitors (which we (actually Danny) resoldered and revived…but that’s a different story). Some have had power supplies go bad, so when I plugged it in and turned it on only to find nothing…no plaintive beeps, just nothing; I looked inside for blown capacitors…nothing visible. So its the power supply, right? I spent some quality time unwiring and removing the power supply thinking that I would swap it out with a spare unit I had laying around.

When it was out I just happened to look at that nifty little red switch on the back of the power supple that switches from 240 to 120 volt supply….. By now you are way ahead of me…but right…someone (somehow) had switched it to 240 volts. The “broken” computer is instantly back to working order and is now functioning with its little red switch set on 120 volts where it was supposed to be all along.

Remember the simple stuff. See you at Kitsap Mini MakerFaire…I’ll be the one checking to see if my equipment is plugged in.

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