Rusty Soul Creations And Cast Iron Upcycling

North Kitsap Metal Recycling is a big supporter of Kitsap Maker. They may be our biggest one, but undoubtedly, they are the most enthusiastic!! Just about every week, the owners Beth and Dennis Kommer, do something to help out our Mini Maker Faire or something else to spread the word about making, makers, inventors, DIYers. They tell people about us and introduce us to very hip people.

We wanted to say a special thanks to them and to congratulate Dennis on his newest way to upcycle — he takes cast iron pans that come into their metal recycling center and gives them new life, in the form of unique and fun art — for the backyard and elsewhere. Of course, Dennis will have a display at this year’s faire on June 10. Look for him next to the metal recycling center van. His new business and website: .

If you need to recycle or sell some old scrap metal, visit the North Kitsap Metal Recycling website . They don’t charge, either — any size load is free to drop off. Check their site for things they accept and the few things they cannot.

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