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This week I visited with the Poulsbo Middle School Tech Ed program to hear more about what they are making. They have an Epilog Laser Cutter , a full wood shop, full metal shop, welding station, foundry, and a bunch of other cool stuff in Tim Eaton’s classroom. Wow. Lots of great energy and enthusiasm. We’re hoping to see some of his students at the upcoming Kitsap Mini Maker Faire, of course.

During the short time I spent in Tim’s class, I was impressed with the student’s projects and knowledge and interest. Several students came up to ask me questions about various maker booths that I talked about and how we made different things work, etc.  They showed me wooden gears cut with the laser, cardboard houses, small motors with propellers mounted on formica, and a variety of projects. Kitsap schools are on the right track.

Then I went next door to the Art and Science teacher’s room. Kate is on fire for teaching young people about science and art and where they fuse together — which is what just about every maker is about, too.  I’m hopeful that we’ll have a booth of Poulsbo Middle School student projects and we may have a surprise device to “spark” your curiosity. Think static.

It’s good to know we have maker neighbors.

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