Modern Device Electronics

Recruiting makers and sponsors for the Maker Faire is hard. For every maker who comes to the Faire, there are ten that turn us down.  That’s why we are all eternally grateful to Modern Device .  Modern Device is an online store that sells electronics boards- sensors, microcontrollers, and electronics components.  Looking for sponsors for a first time event wasn’t easy, but Paul at Modern Device answered our e-mail and was kind enough to send us some kits to give away at the Faire and our soldering workshop.  All of the winners were excited to assemble their kits and learn more about microcontrollers.

I assembled a few of the kits myself, and they went together easily and quickly.  Modern Device has great assembly instructions and manuals for all of their boards, which is something that I really appreciated being a beginner.  All the kits I assembled worked right away and I had no problems. There are endless possibilities of what you could make with a microcontroller, and if you order from Modern Device you are assured that you are supporting a great company and will receive awesome customer service.

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