Celebrate… or Face Burnout

Forgive me if this seems like something that you’ve know since kindergarten, or if you find yourself saying, “Everybody knows that”. The problem is that I forget this over and over and then end up suffering the consequences…so I hope this simple reminder helps you.

We all have too many projects, right? Or too much work…or whatever. We all start to feel overwhelmed by “life” sometimes. What you may need is a little celebration. Before you roll your eyes and explain that you do not have any time for this….Let me explain.

The normal cycle that we humans go through is 1) Face a Challenge, 2) Work on the Challenge 3) Reach a Solution/Conclusion and 4) Celebrate Success (or survival at least). Only we (you know you do this too) always seem to jump from 3 straight back to the next “1″ (no time to celebrate…). This “short cutting” our need to celebrate leads to burnout…

There is no need to plan a block party every other day (that would take precious time away from projects)…we are just talking about taking the time (anywhere from 2 minutes up to that block party) to stop and observe what you (and probably your team) have accomplished and really acknowledge and take pleasure in the good that you did.

Its that simple. Go solve a problem…finish a project…survive today and then CELEBRATE.

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