Sugru and The Power of Repair

Foridhas-chair-560 (1) Last year, one of our sponsors and allies, Sugru , shared samples with us that we were able to give out to attendees and makers. It was a huge hit. While we don’t have any for the 2012 event, we still love the product and enjoy seeing the amazing things that people make, hack, fix, and create with it.

The Sugru team sent us a recent blog post about how a teacher fixed a student’s wheelchair control knob that kept breaking. It reminds us that fixing isn’t just good for the fixer’s heart and soul, but for the recipient, too. We’re happy to see that Foridha’s chair is easier to use and control with a simple Sugru hack. That’s why their tagline and mantra works so well around the world: Hack things better . Kinda a like a modern-day band-aid for hackers and do-it-yourself types.  You can read the full post here .

If you haven’t tried Sugru – it is a super tough, durable, silicon modeling clay-like material that bonds to everything. Well, maybe not everything, but just about. People use if to pad the corners of their iPhone, fix a cord, protect a camera and a million other uses. Seriously. We love it.

Learn more about Sugru .

Image Credits: Sugru

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