KitsapMaker Horology

Time is very important to us as humans and as makers. We always want more of it when we’re working on a fun project before school or when we’re discussing our next great idea for Kitsap Mini Maker Faire in a meeting. Almost everything we do revolves around some sort time restraint, and to make sure we don’t miss that important blog deadline or meeting we have things all around us that tell us what time it is. At one time or another each of us has most likely owned and or worn a wrist-watch or if you’re styling it seriously old-school maybe a pocket watch, and everywhere you look there is likely to be a wall clock hanging somewhere and tick-tick-ing away. Have you ever thought about where clocks came from? And no, saying yours came from Fred-Mart does not count. Who makes clocks, be they small, large or in between? The venerable science of keeping time is called horology, and if you make or fix watches, grandfather clocks, wall clocks, cuckoo clocks or anything that keeps time you might  be a horologist.

Why are we telling you about horology you might ask? Because some of the KitsapMaker team, as well as members of Team Rexin, are embarking on a quest to become DIY horologists. Their current project is to build a (functioning) wristwatch.  Version 1.0 will include a case machined on some of the teams lathe and mill, a handcrafted leather strap possibly cut on an Epilog laser cutter, and some parts that we don’t know how to make yet that we bought from a watch part supplier. Right now they are in the design, research and part acquisition phase of the project, but keep checking back for more progress on Facebook and the KitsapMaker blog. They’ve agreed to show some preliminary sketches on the promise that no one steals their incredible design and sells it to a huge conglomerate for gobs of money. (Just kidding on that last part, they say that no one would take their designs even if they payed them to).

Keep your eyes peeled at Kitsap Mini Maker Faire this year and because you might see some of the staff rocking one of these limited edition Team Rexin Maker timepieces, and if you do, ask them if they have the time.  See you at the Faire!

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