2012 Makers

June 10 Update:  71 MAKERS!!!!

3D Printers
Abundantly Green http://www.abundantlygreen.com
Acupuncture and Wellness Center http://www.acupuncturewellness.net
Angel Cat Creations http://www.angelcatcreations.com
Antique Clock Repair
Bella Bella Cupcakes http://bellabellacupcakes.com
Betty’s Tea Cup Nursery & Barbie Doll Boutique
Bike, Lube & Tune
Granny & Her Gangsters
C/S Kalamazoo (Attoparsec) http://www.attoparsec.com
Campbell Computer Carvings
Cascade Natural Gas – 811 Call Before You Dig http://www.cngc.com/
CJ’s Evergreen Green General Store & Catering http://cjsevergreencatering.com
Computer Build Station
Copper Arts (Massey Copper) http://www.masseycopper.com
Craft Stick Bending http://www.craftstickbending.com
Crafts by Mondee
Dancing Raven Design http://www.dancingravendesign.com
Dezzo’s Art & Crafts
Eastern Wind Glass http://www.easternwindglass.com
Emmy’s Vege House
Gems to Jewelry
InTheWorks, Inc. http://www.intheworks.com
Kinect Project
Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic http://www.kitsapchiro.com
Kitsap Aircraft Radio Control Society http://www.kitsaparcs.org
Kitsap County Woodcarvers
Kitsap FarmWorks http://www.kitsapfarmworks.com
Kitsap Maker Laser Cutter / CNC Router http://www.kitsapmaker.com
La Poblanita
Lego Building Station
Legos by Alexander
MAKE Magazine http://www.makezine.com
Metal Lathe
Mixed Media Artist
Music by Brent Buhler
North Kitsap Metal Recycling http://www.nkmetal.com
Olympia Circuits http://olympiacircuits.com
Olympic College http://www.olympic.edu
Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners
One Stitch At a Time
Pacific Northwest Droid Builders Club http://astromech.net
PAPER http://origamiusa.org/node/2493
Peninsula Fruit Club
Poulsbo Adventist School http://www.poulsboadventistschool.com
Poulsbo Fire Dept – Bike Helmets
Poulsbo Fire Dept – Fire Truck
Precision Metal Working
Pyrographic Artistry
Quilts – English Paper Piecing
Recycled Maker Art (Poulsbo Middle School Art Department and the ArtCraft Coalition)
Robotics & Electronics
Rusty Soul Creations http://www.nkmetal.com
Saturday Sails
Seattle Porcelain Company http://www.SeattlePorcelainCompany.com
Segway Test Drive
Sewing / Quilting
Snowflakes & Dragonflies
Spool Racer
Street Donuts
Studio Wide Mouth Frog http://www.widemouthfrogdesigns.com
Underwater Remote Operational Vehicles (PSNS/ STEM)
Walla Walla University Makers http://engr.wallawalla.edu
West Sound Beekeepers Association http://westsoundbees.org/


The other day I was perusing the posts on KitsapMakers Facebook timeline and when I stumbled across one in particular I became a bit  embarrassed. The questions posed was this: “Where can we see a list of makers for this year’s faire?”. My job is to be the “Maker Guy” I deal with the makers, I list them, organize them, and advertise them since one purpose of the faire is to show the community the Makers in their midst. I haven’t done so well in fulfilling that job description because, there is no list for everyone to explore! My eternal thanks goes to anyone who asks a question that exposes a flaw in what I’m doing and makes me fix it, and Darla Buhler has indeed done just this. Now, thanks to her, is a little preview of the makers that we have so far!

Dennis and Beth Kommer - North Kitsap Metal Recycling and Rusty Soul Creations

Without the help of North Kitsap Metal Recycling there might not be a Kitsap Mini Maker Faire! This year the crazy creations of Dennis’ Rusty Soul Creations will be a much anticipated addition.

Caroline Stein  -  Washington State Science and Engineering Faire

Brad Griffith  -  Craft Stick Bending

Chris Stone   -  Star Wars Droids

Chuck Strahm  -  Hansville Coasters

Doyle Maleche  -  Electronics, etc. (etc. means “and the rest (of such things)” and it’s really true)

Mark Cambell  -  Carve-a-Tron

Jeff Iller  -  Woodcarving

Pamela Belleson  -  Studio Wide Mouth Frog

Patricia Humphrey  -  Grandma Patty’s Crafts

Paul Roush  -  Segway test drive

Carrol Grady  -  Quilts – English Paper piecing

Lauren Silver  -  dropspindlespun

Karen Olsen   –  Knitting / Crocheting

Vicki Bower  -  Angel Cat Creations (Sewing)

Rob Showman  -  Kit sap A.R.C.S. (R/C)

Mary-Lou Luddington   –  Native Jewelry

Dixie Armfield-Rogerson   –  Eastern Wind Glass

Don Bingham   –  Metal lathe

Sallie Nau  - Seattle Porcelain Company Inc.

Todd Hansen   –  InTheWorks Inc.

Corinne Beach  -  Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Matthew Dockrey  - Attoparsec (He’s planning to bring a super cool railroad handcar !)

We have an awesome group So far and we look forward to seeing what they bring this year ! If you know someone you think should be at this years faire then tell me, [email protected], or get them to apply quick!

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