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You can’t go far among makers if you don’t know something about a remote controlled something. That may not be entirely true, but it sure feels that way. The important something is that they are lots of fun and our Kitsap Mini Maker Faire team builds remote controlled cars, planes, tricopters, quadcopters, and probably an Octocopter pretty soon. Who knows what that’ll do when it flies over Kitsap.

What’s great about this recent Hackaday post is that it helps you build a super-affordable tricopter. In case you are not into the RC world, a tricopter is not a long-extinct flying dinosaur. It is a triangle-shaped helicopter with three props. This one is built with a cardboard frame. Yes, cardboard. The author points out you could do this with a CNC machine (like the CNC router our team is working on) OR if you are a utility knife wielding ninja — you could do it by hand!

This video shows it in motion.

Cardboard TriCopter Flies! from Joachim Pedersen on Vimeo .

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