Studio Wide Mouth Frog and Maker Pamela Bellesen

One of the most popular maker exhibits at last year’s event was metal worker, sculptor, and jewelry maker Pamela Bellesen. The owner of Studio Wide Mouth Frog fascinated and engaged kids and adults with her metal bending and forming skills.

Nearly all day, you could hear Pamela’s large oxy/propane torch and hammer pounding and shaping a large piece of metal on the 100 pound anvil she brought along. She demonstrated a technique known as “Fold forming” which is a way to take a  flat sheet of metal and turn it into a 3-dimensional form. She made it look easy.

Pamela’s welcoming smile and natural teacher manner made her exhibit approachable and fun. She paused frequently to explain what she was doing and you could hear people commenting after watching her work: “Wow, I didn’t know that about metal” having learned some fact or tidbit.

Pamela runs a local maker company, has two employees, and specializes in wholesale jewelry. Her work is found in dozens of boutique galleries around the USA. Pamela is planning to be at the 2012 event, too, so you won’t want to miss her booth.

You can learn more about her wholesale jewelry line as well as one of a kind sculptures at her website or her where you can see more of her original jewelry and garden sculptures.

Image Credit: Robert VanRaden

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