Soldering Workshop Debrief

Have you ever wished you knew how to build robots, assemble electronics kits, or take over the world? Well, to do any of those things, you first need to learn to solder. We held a workshop in November to teach some of the community to solder, and it was a great success.

We had two types of kits available for people to solder. The most popular option was the free circuit board that when assembled flashed in a rainbow of colors. A few of the more advanced solderers opted to take on a more challenging project- the Lux Spectralis . The Lux Spectralis is a circuit board that includes a microcontroller, an LED, and several other components. When assembled the LED has 30 different modes including fade in, fade out, solid colors, and blinking.

Another exciting part of the soldering workshop was the raffle sponsored by Modern Device . Modern Device is an awesome website that sells all sorts of electronics kits and components. They were kind enough to send us several kits last year to use at the Faire. We had a few left over, so we raffled them off during the soldering workshop. The winners were excited to assemble their kits and program their new microcontrollers.

The evening was a lot of fun- we introduced people to soldering and improved people’s skills.  We had a really great group of people that ranged in age from 8 to 80.  Watch out for future workshops on maker related topics.

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