Origami Artists

Have you ever made a crane from a piece of paper? If so, then you have done origami. Origami, or paper folding, started over three hundred years ago in Japan and saw a major resurgence about sixty years ago, it’s popularity burgeoned around the world and it became a popular art form. The few basic folds used in origami are fairly simple, but they can be combined to create complex, mind bending, and unbelievably realistic forms. Possibly the most widely recognized origami creation is the crane, but origami is hiding in plain sight within a growing collection of new technologies. The concepts used in paper folding have been carried over into solar panels on satellites, stents for medical procedures, air bags and many other places.

At Kitsap Mini Maker Faire 2011 we were lucky enough to have the Puget Area Paperfolding Enthusiasts Roundtable, or PAPER at the event displaying their creations and demonstrating how to fold some simple paper models. They brought all kinds of great stuff from simple models like cranes and hats to incredibly complex pieces like a model of Yoda, and a veritable army of insects and bugs. It quickly became a common sight to see someone proudly bearing their carefully folded model that they had created with the help of the awesome people from the PAPER booth.

Origami is an awesome activity and we were extremely lucky to have the great people from PAPER at Kitsap Mini Maker Faire 2011 and we hope that they will come back this year so that we can all learn how to fold some paper. See you at Kitsap Mini Maker Faire 2012!

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