Microsoft Kinect Project

Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Chet Doughty of the KitsapMaker Community,  has harnessed the silicon brains of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to control an RC helicopter using gestures. Toss the clumsy controller that came with your RC helicopter and use intuitive body movements instead!

The Kinect uses multiple cameras and sensors coupled with a special processor that allows it to track objects in 3 dimensions. The Kinect is normally connected to an Xbox controller and replaces the conventional game controller by responding to natural body movements.

Doughty utilized Microsoft’s recently released Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK) to interface the Kinect directly to a PC running Windows. He wrote software to extract X, Y, Z values of the pilot’s hands and correlate the values to axes of a helicopter. The software sends this axis data out via serial to the Arduino. The Arduino interprets the data translating it into infrared pulses that are sent out to the S107 helicopter.

Doughty has more details on the project and some source code on available on his website, . He plans to continue developing applications for the Kinect hadware. Come see the Kinect project in action at Kitsap Maker Faire 2012!

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