Come and Make a Difference

Kitsap Maker Faire 2011 by Robert VanRaden

I never had a hobby, not even as a kid. As an adult, hearing kids talk about their Lego creations is even foreign to me!  My husband always tells me “You need a hobby.” Hobbies are not really part of the culture I grew up in. People didn’t use their interests and skills just to have fun with, but were used to bring food to the table. In spare time, people hang out while eating and drinking. Only the “fortunate” ones would sometimes be interested in having a hobby. This meant playing an instrument or playing some kind of sport. Maybe things have changed since, or maybe my perspective was skewed. However, I truly enjoy watching people develop their passion for creating or experiencing life. Today, I asked my students to talk to me after school if they wanted to share about their hobbies since I needed to write a blog. Enthusiastically, everyone raised their hand and started talking about their hobbies at the same time. Close to me, I heard a little girl say, “I make button shirts.”

The girl next to her asked her, “Do you knit?”

” Yes, I make button shirts” the first girl repeated.

“Oh, then we can make something together. I can make scarves”

Kitsap Maker Faire 2011 by Andy Humbert

Maybe one day, I will find a hobby that I’m passionate about, so I can hang out with friends that share the same hobby. As I explore different interests, I’m thankful to be able to enjoy events such as the Kitsap Mini Maker Faire. I want to invite those who have interests, skills, hobbies, or whatever you may call it to share with all of us at the Kitsap Mini Maker Faire this June 10. You might make a difference in young minds or who knows…even in me.

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