Sugru – Hack Things Better — Sponsors KitsapMaker

Box of Sugru to Share with Kitsap Community Makers

We are incredibly grateful for Sugru’s generous gift of samples and materials for us to share with the Kitsap community of makers. If you’ve wondered about this really cool material, about 100 of you will get a small sample pack.

If you have not seen this amazing product yet, go to and learn more.

7 Steps to Becoming a Sugru Guru:

1. Trust Your Instinct – does that thing need Sugru on it? Absolutely.

2. Seek Wisdom (go see all the cool examples at

3. Increase in Speed (material stays good for six months in the sealed pack…)

4. Master Your Craft. Lots of great tips on how to work with the material.

5. What You Touch Touches You. Give it texture or not.

6.  Embrace Diversity (lots of cool color variations by freebasing the different colors.)

7. Become One with the Universe¬† You can send in your photo and win a chance at some free packs of Sugru! Send in photos of how you’ve used it to:

Fun little booklet. We’ll have some to share at the Festival. Come on, get some Sugru. Limited samples to give away.

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