North Kitsap Metal Recycling Sponsors KitsapMaker

Beth and Dennis Kommer were the first company and business owners to sponsor and support the KitsapMaker Festival. And when we say sponsor and support, we mean that in the fullest sense of those words. From financial support to moral support, they have been there for our small team of volunteers. We love those two! Plus, their mission is totally in line with the maker philosophy — use, reuse, recycle.  LIST of Materials they will ACCEPT at EVENT listed below.

Beth continues to amaze us with her enthusiasm and energy and promotional efforts. She has networked for us, shared flyers, recruited very cool and interesting makers. We’re indebted to her.

Dennis is a constant source of ideas for creating devices or contraptions or go-karts (he’s part of the Hansville Coaster Games, which has a maker booth at the festival). His can-do inventor mind is always ready to help us brainstorm a way to fix something or create something.

If you have metal stuff you want to get rid of or scrap you want to sell, you should check out their site. They buy various metals and accept almost all materials for free (see the list on their site). Forget paying those hefty drop off fees like other facilities — head to North Kitsap Metal Recycling on Ecology Road in Kingston.

P.S. They are also providing us with bikes, many bikes, for our Bike Lube & Tune. This effort is to rebuild old bikes for kids who have no bikes. Every kid needs a bike, right? Email us to volunteer as a bike mechanic, if that’s your passion. We’ll be cutting up the ones we can’t rebuild and making them into something at the Welding Station!

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North Kitsap Metal Recycling will also be accepting small electronics as part of our community outreach metal recycling.

NORTH KITSAP METAL RECYCLING will be on hand to receive smaller electronic
recyclables  — Things to bring:
Cell phones/chargers
Battery-powered tools
110-power tools
Stereos, VCR, DVD players
Computer towers
Laptops & PDAs
Circuit Boards
GPS units
Gaming systems
Electric wire
Power inverters
NO copiers, printers, monitors, TVs
can be accepted at this time.

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