Book-Swap: bring a book, get a book!

We know everyone has old books lying around, or at least those of us at KitsapMaker do. Most of them never get read and just lay around collecting dust—our moms’ just love it.

Sure, we have all thought about giving them to friends or to a local charity—but the moment the laundry needs to be done or a new, more interesting project arises the books are once again forgotten.

We all have old books to get rid of, but if we get rid of them what will we read? The thought of having no books at all was just too much to handle, so we came up with a solution!

We’re going to be hosting a book-swap—kind of like a book exchange, only we thought the name was better—bring a book, get a book. We encourage people to bring books of all genres and come find a new literary treat. Then at the end of the day, what ever is left over goes to the local book-drive.

Just by attending this book swap you will have no more books collecting cobwebs in the corner (trust me your family will be ecstatic). You’ll get a free book, or two, or seven—something you’ve always wanted to read, or never would have looked at before. And then, at the end of the day, you’re giving to charity. That’s what we like to think of as a win-win situation.

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