10am to 4pm at 1700 NE Lincoln Road (at the corner of Caldart Avenue, just down the road from the NK High School).

12:01AM: It is OFFICIALLY Kitsap Mini Maker Faire DAY…. Come on out and enjoy the sunshine with us.  There is something for everyone. Street Donuts (from Seattle side) is going to be there making yummy donuts. R2D2, C3PO and a host of other robots will attempt to eat these donuts. Get there early! There are 70+ makers, 8 unique areas to explore at the Faire this year. You don’t want to miss it.

Enjoy your free time and don't worry about homework. Just go to the site and say "do homework for me"!

BONUS: We have a fun treasure hunt for kids with prizes for the first 100 to complete it!! Ask at the ticket booth.

Here is the FULL List of Makers for Today .

Remember the Simple Stuff

June 1, 2012

So I just learned this lesson again. Always check the simple stuff first (like is it plugged in?). It all started out innocently enough… Last week a computer was returned from the land of the useful with the simple label, “broken”. We have had some of these units blow capacitors (which we (actually Danny) resoldered [...]

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Rusty Soul Creations And Cast Iron Upcycling

May 30, 2012

North Kitsap Metal Recycling is a big supporter of Kitsap Maker. They may be our biggest one, but undoubtedly, they are the most enthusiastic!! Just about every week, the owners Beth and Dennis Kommer, do something to help out our Mini Maker Faire or something else to spread the word about making, makers, inventors, DIYers. [...]

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May 18, 2012

I love Inkscape.  I really do. I started using Inkscape when I was looking for an easier way to design the KitsapMaker logo for this year and didn’t want to use GIMP to trace over a hand-drawn sketch (yes, very neanderthal level, I know). I started out only being able to draw a circle and [...]

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Modern Device Electronics

May 9, 2012

Recruiting makers and sponsors for the Maker Faire is hard. For every maker who comes to the Faire, there are ten that turn us down.  That’s why we are all eternally grateful to Modern Device.  Modern Device is an online store that sells electronics boards- sensors, microcontrollers, and electronics components.  Looking for sponsors for a [...]

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North Kitsap Tech Education – Shop for the 21st Century

May 8, 2012

This week I visited with the Poulsbo Middle School Tech Ed program to hear more about what they are making. They have an Epilog Laser Cutter, a full wood shop, full metal shop, welding station, foundry, and a bunch of other cool stuff in Tim Eaton’s classroom. Wow. Lots of great energy and enthusiasm. We’re [...]

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Celebrate… or Face Burnout

May 7, 2012

Forgive me if this seems like something that you’ve know since kindergarten, or if you find yourself saying, “Everybody knows that”. The problem is that I forget this over and over and then end up suffering the consequences…so I hope this simple reminder helps you. We all have too many projects, right? Or too much [...]

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Raspberry Pi and Teaching Kids to Program Computers

May 3, 2012

When you hear the two words, Raspberry Pi, your stomach may start making noise. If you read my first sentence, you may think that I misspelled the word pie. Pi is the correct spelling, however, for an impressive new credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. What makes it impressive isn’t the [...]

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2012 Makers

April 27, 2012

June 10 Update:  71 MAKERS!!!! 3D Printers Abundantly Green http://www.abundantlygreen.com Acupuncture and Wellness Center http://www.acupuncturewellness.net Angel Cat Creations http://www.angelcatcreations.com Antique Clock Repair Bella Bella Cupcakes http://bellabellacupcakes.com Betty’s Tea Cup Nursery & Barbie Doll Boutique Bike, Lube & Tune Granny & Her Gangsters C/S Kalamazoo (Attoparsec) http://www.attoparsec.com Campbell Computer Carvings CanMen Cascade Natural Gas – 811 [...]

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What a Deal! FREE T-Shirts & Admission*

April 24, 2012

(a.k.a. Looking for a Few MANY Good Volunteers!) Get your FREE T-shirt & admission by becoming a Kitsap Mini Maker Faire Volunteer. We are in need of friendly and fun-loving volunteers for our upcoming June 10th event. If you are at least 15 years old, and sign up, get approved and show up for 2 [...]

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